Friday, March 6, 2009

Doggie days with grandkids

Here's a few little videos of the girls and dogs in the backyard...Emily and Deirdre were using the branches trimmed from the Fruitless Mulberry trees in the yard to play some creative drama they were re-enacting from the book and movie The Island of the Blue Dolphins they both had read in school. So, any comments you hear relate to that theme. The rain has stopped for now so this is the first time the girls have been out back this year. As you can see I have no grass left thanks to our furry four legged Rottie's! We will be removing all the stepping stones, patio pavers and some cement in preparation to totally redoing the landscaping in the yard this year. This will be the last summer for the trees as well since we discovered some disease problems when we did the trimming. Unfortunately we'll have to do everything in stages as the drought California is currently suffering will dictate what and when some things can be done. Hopefully by next fall we'll have it all under control so next winters rain can help establish any new plants and grass. I'm hoping to find a way to landscape and please both the two legged and four legged beasties! That will be a very big challenge. Of course I will be posting any progress and plans in the future.