Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rowdy Rotties...

Harbor Park Pals

Every morning I take Roddy and Bella to Harbor Park for a walk. Over the last year we have made many two legged and four legged friends...the following are just a few...

Below is Gary and his Border Collie Buddy.

Next is Gary and his two Bernese Mountain dogs named Jake and Scout.

Below is Gloria with her little Maltese BeeGee (just turned 17 years old yesterday) and some of her kids and grandkids.

Now here's Shelly and her Labrador/Pit mix Rider and a puppy she's considering as a friend for Rider.
Next I have a picture of Lupe and her Pit mix puppy Valentina.

A more recent friend is Gabby and her two Great Danes...puppy Apollo and year old puppy Bella...not to be confused with my Bella the Rottenweiler.
Here's my latest friend from the park..Scar the snail! I noticed him one morning as I tried to avoid stepping on him...he was different from other snails. Part of his shell was damaged and I wondered if he could survive with such damage to his 'house'. The next day I saw him again crossing the walkway and started wondering how long snails live and realized I didn't know anything about snails only that people like to get rid of them around their homes and plants. Since this snail was marked I started watching for him each day. I seem to find him in the grass or on the walkway on mornings when the grass has been watered at the park...always in the same area. He definitely has his own territory.

You might think it strange to get attached to a snail...but I find myself looking for him everyday and wondering if he's still alive. I even worry about him daily crossing the large walkway with so many people walking there in the morning so I help him out and give him an airlift to the other least those days I know he made it to the other side safely.

Yearly Camping with Grandgirls...

I will be posting pictures and text shortly...