Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone...Hope you had as good a day as the Brickey family has. Here are some pictures taken during the day...dinner and the traditional decorating of the Brickey family Christmas tree...

Brick did a good job slicing up the turkey as we all looked on patiently waiting to take a taste...

The food was yummy...
Deirdre and Emily are anxiously waiting for everyone to join them at the table...they were happy to be together again.
And yes, I was there...I was caught by Jenny with her camera as I am usually behind the lens taking pictures.
I enjoyed watching the girls decorate my tree again this year...they do a pretty good job together...I think I'll hire them again next year!

Deirdre tried to put the bear angel tree topper on but she is still a little too short to get it firmly in place so Emily did the honors this year.

The job is all nature Christmas tree...I love it...Thanks Emily and Deirdre!!!
Here's Emily and Deirdre trying to take Roddy for a ride...he didn't seem to mind. The dogs also enjoyed all the company today.

To see more pictures from today check out France's blog...The Adventures of France & Deirdre
Now...on to Christmas...a most wonderful time of the year!!!