Saturday, April 25, 2009

Awana TnT Girls Overnighter...

Friday night was a yearly special overnighter for the TnT (Truth and Training) Awana Girls at our church. Deirdre and I spent a very looonnnggg night and you can get the idea of some of the activities from the following pictures. It was fun but I came home needing a good nights sleep!

The above picture was 'princess dress up' and you can tell how much the girls enjoyed that.

Here's Deirdre with some girls working on a ladybug beaded keychain at one of the many activities. I worked this table so I didn't get any pictures of the other activities as Deirdre rotated around. The ladies below are two of my adult buddies...Lisa (with the red hair) and Astrid. They were a great help at my table.
Below is how the girls and adults slept after watching a movie (Beauty and the Beast)...this is one of the youth ampatheaters at the church. I don't think they were designed for sleeping but as you can see everyone found a place to perch for the movie and sleep.

And here's Deirdre waking up this morning...I believe she slept much better than I did!
This last picture was taken just before everyone left...some might have still been in the restroom but you can see that there were plenty of girls and adults there.


Beth Paulson said...

That looks like a blast!