Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My girls...

Just got the spring school pictures of my grandgirls...Here's Emily, 5th grade age 10 (11 in June) and Deirdre, 4th grade age 10...Aren't they beauties? They sure are growing up way too fast...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Awana Awards Night...

Wow...over 400 Awana Clubbers and their leaders plus parents and other guests filled our main sanctuary tonight celebrating the end of another successful Awana year. I didn't think we'd ever get done handing out all the awards from the youngest group, Cubbies, to the Sparkies and then the oldest group TnT. I only managed to get a few pictures so here they see the pictures France took you can go to her blog site at

The first picture was taken just as we were all piling into the main church...France is in the red shirt, center, with a few Sparkies.
This next picture is of all the Sparkies and their leaders as the awards were starting to be given out.

Here's a blurry picture of France handing out awards to her group of Sparkie girls.
The picture below is of most of my TnT girls after they received their awards. Deirdre was the only girl in my group that finished the 4th grade book and she received a nice plaque which she was pleased to receive. From left to right is Allison, Jessica, Deirdre and Hannah.
Here's Children's Pastor Mark talking after all the awards were given out and just before the final prayer of the evening.
Here's France with daughter Deirdre...showing her award.
And here's Deirdre with a young lady she really looks up to (literally, too)...Morgan, who received the top award in our Awana program...the Timothy Award. Deirdre wants to earn it, too, but that will take two more years!
Now all that's left this year is our Leader's Potluck Dinner next week and then a big break until September when Awana starts up again...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Awana Club Meeting of 2009

Can't believe that another Awana year is almost over...all that's left is Awards Night next Wednesday and then the Leader's Potluck the next week. Let's see...that makes 6 years Deirdre has been in Awana and I guess that's 6 years for me, too! It's a lot of fun and work...but very much worth it when all is said and done.
Tonight the theme was Beach Party they had some games you would do on the beach...volleyball and then later they did some limbo.

The following picture is of Deirdre receiving her last Discovery Award which finished her 4th grade TnT book...
And the last couple pictures are of Deirdre showing the TnT girls her diorama she made of the story of Paul and Silas in prison...found in the 24th book of Acts.